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  1. Review the table below and determine your appropriate membership type.
  2. Complete the Mail-in 2017-2018 CCFSC Membership Application (PDF)  or  Join Online
  3. ALL members need to also complete the 2017-2018 CCFSC Medical Emergency Release (PDF) annually  with the exception of the 4-year Collegiate Membership. In that case, one Medical Emergency Release is good for all 4 years. The form should be turned in at the Creve Coeur Rink where it will be kept on file for emergencies.
  4. You may now Order a CCFSC jacket directly from our supplier!
Membership TypesFees
Membership – (1) Skater under 18 years old$135
  (+Each Additional Family Member Skater)$55
Senior Member – 18 years or older$90
Associate Member (Home Club Member of Another Club)$75
  (+Each Additional Family Associate Member Skater)$40
Professional Member$90
Collegiate Membership (4 years)$150
USFS Introductory Membership (First Time USFS Member)
  Introductory Family Membership – (1) Skater under 18 years old$80
  Introductory Senior Membership - 18 years or older$65
Order a CCFSC Club JacketAdult $66 Youth $56 + tax & shipping
Embroidery $30

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