• Creve Coeur Ice Arena • 11400 Olde Cabin Rd.• Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Club Ice          Ice make



Please note: The prices and times are subject to change. Coupon books are not used during the summer. We would prefer to not take cash, if possible.

Check the CCFSC Calendar for the latest Club Ice times.  Click the event on the calendar for further details. The Fall Season for Club Ice began Weds. September 5th, 2018.

Fall/Winter/Spring Club Ice:

All Club Ice is at the Creve Coeur Ice Arena.

WeekdayClub Ice TimeCost per 1/2 hour
Coupon book
Cost per1/2 hour
Mondays5:10 PM - 6:10 PM$8.50$9.00
Wednesdays5:10 PM - 6:40 PM$8.50$9.00
Saturdays8:30 AM - 10:00 AM$8.50$9.00

  • Only skaters in good standing with CCFSC are eligible to skate on club sessions.
  • Skaters who are in a lesson performing to music played shall have the right-of-way over other skaters.
  • Dancers on pattern shall have the right-of-way over all skaters except those skaters in a lesson skating to music.
  • Skaters are expected to respect the rights of other skaters and be constantly aware of who is around you. Learn each other’s programs to ensure when to give the right-of-way.
  • Skaters should not interfere with a student and a coach during a lesson.
  • The use of profanity and derogatory comments are prohibited.
  • Skaters are not to stand in the doorways.
  • Head-sets are not permitted.
  • Unless otherwise noted, a maximum of twenty skaters will be permitted on club sessions.
  • Pre-payment of ice is encouraged in order to ensure a spot.
  • The monitor is in charge of the ice and has the authority to exclude any skater who does not adhere to the ice rules. If a monitor finds that a skater has violated the rules, they will speak with the skater’s Coach or Parent regarding the situation.
General Traffic Rules (not applicable for skating to music)
  1. Maintain a clockwise flow (keep moving).
  2. Do spins in the center of the ice.
  3. Practice jumps outside the blue lines.
  4. Strive to avoid long-term practice activities in the Lutz Corners.
  5. Avoid monopolizing sections of the ice.
  6. Recognize when the harness is in use.
  • Only Coaches approved by the Board of the CCFSC and in good standing with USFS may teach, coach or train members on club ice sessions. Out-of-town Coaches will first notify the Board of their intentions.
  • Coaches should encourage and are responsible for teaching their students good ice etiquette while skating on club sessions.
  • Coaches are not to monopolize sections of the ice for their lessons.
  • Coaches are asked to teach out on the ice, not from behind the boards and not in the center of the ice (exceptions will be made for a reasonable cause).
  • Family and friends of skaters are welcome and encouraged to watch club sessions; however, the bleacher or lobby area should be used to observe skaters and not the rink doorways.